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An overview of the different types of projects we do. We focus on showing the inspiring beauty of nature. Parks, wildlife, landscapes, coastlines, oceans and mountains. And we help organisations and individuals that put all their energy in a sustainable society and a better and healthier natural environment with telling their story. Have a look at some of our work and get in touch with us with questions or to get a quote. Here an overview of some of the beautiful creatures we are lucky enough to share this planet with that we have come across both in New Zealand and in other places.: Nature ad wildlife Nature and Wildlife means everything to us and is our biggest passion. With our video's we try to create interest and inspiration within others about the amazing planet we live on. We want to help individuals and organisations that work in the area of nature and wildlife conservation to help tell their important stories.

Wildlife Reel 2019 from Maikan on Vimeo.

Events or organisations

We create video's for organisations, companies or events to help tell and share their important stories. This video is an example of sustainable and environmental events we can film On this occasion we filmed the 24 hour Beach Clean Up organised by the SeaLife Trust at Hatfield's Beach, Auckland.

Sea Life NZ Beach 24 hour Beach Clean Up from Maikan on Vimeo.

Short Docs and personal stories We want to help get stories about amazing natural phenomenons or individuals that put all their passion in to make a difference. This a story about The Shark Dives in Pacific Harbour, Fiji. These dives are contributing to healthier reef systems as the numbers of sharks rise in these area's due to this activity. Since the business started the state of the reefs has improved dramatically and the whole community has profiting from this long term sustainable business model. But everything starts with the people who dare feed the sharks who are feared by so many.

Fiji Shark Diving from Aart Jan van Dijk on Vimeo.

Other projects: Check out this great Song by Shady Brain Farm, a band from the Muriwai Area on the New Zealand Westcoast. A beautiful song about the place they grew up in. A real pleasure for me to be a part of this project and shoot this video for them in an area I feel great love for myself...

"Southern Sea" by Shady Brain Farm from Maikan on Vimeo.

Up High Maikan makes video's of beautiful area's, wildlife, landscapes and other with a bird's eye's view:

Drone reel from Maikan on Vimeo.

Contact us if you are interested in drone footage of your own property, area or landscape Deep Down Maikan has a strong passion for under water life. We capture beautiful underwater wildlife and landscapes and make video's for in water events: In this video you see a compilation of dive video's of huge schools of fish in New Zealand. Blue Mao Mao's, Two spot Demoiselles, Big Eyes, Snappers and Trevally hanging out in caves, between rocks, under arches, feeding on the service or simply everywhere.... Amazing to see what happens when you let nature run the show...In this video Goat Island (Auckland, Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve and White Island.

Schools and schools of fish from Maikan on Vimeo.

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