After a few years of working as a psychologist in Human Resource Managament I started Maikan in Asia. I have always been a big fan of nature and especially animals, but during this trip, with a lot of diving trips, I was even more impressed by how incredibly beautiful and The sadness of nature is impressive, but unfortunately I saw our impact on her by using space and how unthinkingly and indifferently we can deal with her Palm oil fields so far reaching the eye where tropical rainforest once stood, bomb craters in the ocean floor where once grew coral and all sorts of fish species that are less and less visible, our daily actions have a lot of influence on the planet, and not only in the neighbourhood, but often far away, where we do not see it.

After coming back to the Netherlands, I focused on the sustainability of our food pattern and system through working for The Dutch Weed Burger and through my partnership with Natascha Kooiman in our company Smaackmakers Experience, . What we eat affects nature in all sorts of ways, in which the impact of animal proteins on the system is a problem that we really need to take steps into. After a few beautiful years, with great experiences and projects, I wanted to be more involved with the subject itself, which has affected me since I was a child. And that I want to commit myself to the preservation of nature and especially the animals that live in it for future generations. By showing my own and other peoples love and passion for nature and wildlife I hope to enthuse and inspire others to change their daily behaviour and lower their impact on the planet. Check out my projects for some examples

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