What does Maikan work on

Maikan works on nature and wildlife conservation through film and video concepts to create awareness and behavioural change. By showing nature’s beauty and what we all can do to preserve nature and improve the planet. Nature and wildlife appeal to many of us. So many kids books are about animals. But in day to day life nature does not play a big role for most of us. Though we have a big impact with so many of what we do every day. Nature and the various ecosystems on the planet are amazingly ingenious and complex. Humans are much more connected to this than they often realise and they can still learn a great deal from nature.
Maikan creates film and video to help tell nature’s story on land and in the ocean and helps passionate individuals and organisations to tell their story and create sustainable change.
If we want that future generations have the same or better possibilities than we do a lot of our patterns and activities will have to change very quickly. How we produce, what we consume, throw away, travel and shape our lives all together will have to change. Nature will have to get a central and important role again. I want to help with this transition through my video’s and projects.
We will do everything I can to help you tell your important story or to show you nature and wildlife the way we see it; Awesome, energetic, powerful, funky and crazy inspiring in so many ways!!

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